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The Necromunda Gang Registry
Compare your gang. Get ideas. Add your gang roster to the registry.
The Necromunda Name Project
Stumped for a name? Also, add your own names into it INSTANTLY.
Lord Helmawr's Bible
The Necromunda Ring
A webring of Necromunda websites.

A finger-chopping scenario to honor the dead with revenge.

"Basic and Pistol Weapon Tactics"

"A Bad Day to Be A Leader"

"The Revenge of the Juves"

"Stinger's Crossing"
"I unofficially endorse Project: Necromunda!"


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Project: Necromunda's Basic Weapon Tactics Treatise
Go Rin No Sho, A Book of Five Rings, by Miyamoto Musashi (General, Useful Strategy)
The Art of War, by Sun Tzu (General, Useful Strategy)
How to Be a Good Sport (General and Important)
Tactics about playing Spryers, Wyrds, Escher, and Pit Slaves
Stephane.Info's Tactics: gang creation, heavy weapons, tactics (including when to run away), and becoming an outlaw
Rogue Trader Heresy: Creating Your Gang Type
Rogue Trader Heresy: Necromunda Weapon Tactics
Caitlin's Necromunda Tactics - flamers and exterminators, Spryers, and heavies
Necromunda en Francais - Spryer, Outlanders, Armament, Surviving the Battle, After the Battle (in French)
You can try translating it into English with, but don't expect finesse with it


NecroMalvern (Huge)
Greeley's Campaign
Sector 178a
Necropolis Armageddon: Alternate Necromunda Setting
Squad level campaigns for Necromunda, set in the ruins of hive Hades


Project Necromunda's Battle Report: Stinger's Crossing
Project Necromunda's Battle Report: The Revenge of the Juves

Black Dwarf: Necromunda Battle Report
The Bootleheads' Battle Reports
Liar's Gulch Tribune
NecroMalvern Battle Reports


Black Dwarf: Jakob the Juve - Part 1
Black Dwarf: Jakob the Juve - Part 2

Etrigan's Decree

Skankpipe Storyline:
Part One: And Offer...
Part Two: The End for Fritch
Part Three: Shopping Trip

The Rules
The Dangers of Underage Drinking
Enjr (little bit about being transported to Necromunda in it)


WH40K Animal Map
A mind map of WH40K creatures, including Necromunda's own. Very interesting look.

Necromunda Lexicon
Identifies and gives descriptions of various hive cities and places in Necromunda.

The Imperial Guard (White Dwarf 109) Article
Makes several mentions of the the 8th Necromunda Regiment who call themselves 'The Spiders' and of the hive gangs on Necromunda. One of the most interesting pieces is one that I plan to implement in games:
"Trophy-taking is also common among hive world gangs, which are similar in many cultural respects to the tribal warbands of pre-gunpowder feral worlds. On Necromunda, for example, many gangs take the smallest finger of the right hand as a trophy. Trophies are all-important proof of martial prowess, and thus of worthiness to join the Imperial Guard"
The Six Houses of Hive Primus (official background with added unofficial spices)

Project: Necromunda - Necromunda RPG
Contains other links to valuable and interesting fluff material for Necromunda. Definitely has the webmaster's recommendation. ;-)


Necromunda - International
Websites across the globe: Deutsch, Espa�ol, Fran�ais, L'Italia, Nederlandse, Polska.

Tactics, Battle Reports, Fluff
Strategy, battle reports, fluff, campaigns, fiction, background from across the web.

Necromunda Models & Necromunda Terrain
Pics of models and terrain, modeling guides, places to buy models, terrain, and accessories.

Necromunda RPG (Roleplaying)
Information helpful to play a RPG in the Necromunda setting.

Necromunda Resources
Here you'll find players, forums, FAQ, programs, files, gang sheets, official websites, and other top Necromunda websites.



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