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The Necromunda Gang Registry
Compare your gang. Get ideas. Add your gang roster to the registry.
The Necromunda Name Project
Stumped for a name? Also, add your own names into it INSTANTLY.
Lord Helmawr's Bible
The Necromunda Ring
A webring of Necromunda websites.

A finger-chopping scenario to honor the dead with revenge.

"Basic and Pistol Weapon Tactics"

"A Bad Day to Be A Leader"

"The Revenge of the Juves"

"Stinger's Crossing"
"I unofficially endorse Project: Necromunda!"


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Specialist Games Opponent Locator
GameTable's United States Club Directory Denied Player Database
GW Players Around the World (Likely Obsolete)
GamesLinks' Play Groups
Gaming Caravan - Gaming Groups


Eastern Fringe Forums
If you want to be involved in any Necromunda discussion online, this is my top recommendation.
Heart of the Heresy forums
An old favorite classic forum for Necromunda and Warhammer 40000 2nd edition fans, recently re-opened after a sabbatical.
Specialist Games Necromunda Forum
40K Fight Club Necromunda Forum
Dystartes Necromunda Forum
Great Wargames Gateway (a general wargames forum)


Necromunda Yahoo! Mailing List
TerrainMakers Yahoo! Mailing List
Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda and Space Hulk Mailing List
40Klist Yahoo! Mailing List
Discussion of all Games Workshop wargames (includes Necromunda).


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(Frequently Asked Questions)
What is Necromunda?

Necromunda is a tabletop skirmish game where players control gangs that fight each other for supremacy in a bleak, shadowy underworld of anarchy, violence, and gang wars.

More about Necromunda (Wikipedia)
Rogue Trader Heresy's FAQ
Most exhaustive FAQ found yet, nearly all official Q&A and a little common sense thrown in too

"Official" GW FAQ
Here is the official GW FAQ for the Necromunda game.

Un-official FAQ (but by Jervis Johnson/Andy Chambers, authors of the game Necromunda)
Although this FAQ is NOT "official" it IS by the authors of the game.


Wiki Gang Roster Sheet Template
Keep your roster online, edit it, compare and backtrack its changes after each battle automatically.

Army Builder
Database program designed for Games Workshop armies, including Necromunda gangs.

Necromunda Roster via Excel '97

Specialist Games - Necromunda
Download the entire or parts of Necromunda rulebook, official playtest rules, news, and new or revised rules.
VGG Yahoo! Group
Has high quality printable sheets in Adobe including the Necromunda gang roster and Necromunda rules in the "Files" section.

Necromunda Yahoo! Group
Necromunda errata to the rulebook, house rules, scenarios, campaigns, gangs, rosters, bulkheads, programs, scans of old minis, terrain in the "Files" section.


Specialist Games
Necromunda belongs to a division of Games Workshop called Specialist Games.

The Black Library
Games Workshop publishing division of its literature, has a forum, very good for the mythos of the game.

Games Workshop
Creators of the Necromunda game.


The Necromunda Card Game Project
The concept behind the Necromunda Card Game is to supplement the rules and gameplay of Necromunda by adding a card game element. These cards can be played during the standard Necromunda turn sequence, and have an immediate effect on the game.

Exodite's White Dwarf & Fanatic Press Necromunda Index
Index of all references and articles to Necromunda in official publications.

This site is a excellent center for a good amount of the material on the web available for Necromunda, lots of material and lots of links to Necromunda web sites.

Rogue Trader Heresy
Check out the link "Ciofo's Vault", lots of materials for Necromunda.

Necromunda en Francais (is in French)
Printable terrain, good pics, strategy, special characters, terrain advice, you name it, but just one thing, it is in French and the English version is down and has been down for some time. You can try AltaVista's Babelfish translator bot, but I won't promise you great results.


Necromunda - International
Websites across the globe: Deutsch, Espa�ol, Fran�ais, L'Italia, Nederlandse, Polska.

Tactics, Battle Reports, Fluff
Strategy, battle reports, fluff, campaigns, fiction, background from across the web.

Necromunda Models & Necromunda Terrain
Pics of models and terrain, modeling guides, places to buy models, terrain, and accessories.

Necromunda RPG (Roleplaying)
Information helpful to play a RPG in the Necromunda setting.

Necromunda Resources
Here you'll find players, forums, FAQ, programs, files, gang sheets, official websites, and other top Necromunda websites.



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The Necromunda Ring
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GW Webway
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