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A finger-chopping scenario to honor the dead with revenge.

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Necromunda Battle Report:
"Revenge of the Juves"

Gangs: The Poo Clan (Van Saar) led by Butt Crack versus The Sprocket Holes (Cawdor) led by Cecil B. Demented
Campaign Event: Boom Time (42)
Necromunda Event Cards: Race Against Time & Slippery Surface
Treacherous Conditions: 12 O'Clock High - South
Scenario: Gang Fight

The battlegrounds were a compacted mesh of walkways, buildings, barricades, and barrels. Fungi and algae poured over the walkways and building surfaces making the greater portion of the terrain and the battlefield dangerous. Searing lights would pour from the south part of the battlefield, hindering The Poo Clan's aiming and The Sprocket Holes would also have the first move initiative. Both gangs would set up in clumps at opposite edges.

The first maneuvering had The Sprocket Holes dividing into two groups with a heavy, walking slowly, up the levels to get a better sight of the field. The Poo Clan in return spreaded out but evenly forward and outwards, two fighters would take up cover behind an abandoned Imperial vehicle early on. With a maze of bulkheads and walkways, it wasn't for several turns until shots started being shot off.

Moose Tracks would be shot at twice in the open by Rodney and Pam but nothing grazed him. Mr. Brown and Turd behind the tank in heavy cover intimidated the Sprocket Holes group of Cecil B. Demented, Raven, "Little Genius" Fidget, "Fucking Roots" Rodney, and Pam "Bam!" from advancing further. The Poo Clan behind the building next to the tank held positions which discouraged moving to the left as well. And as a result, a stale standoff would result, neither side wanting to risk sacrificing their cover.

On the other side, the second group of "I'll Drive You Anywhere, Anywhere But Home" Petey, "Does Everything" Dinah, Honey Whitlock, and Zero-Budget Lewis slowly moved to go around the stalemate. Lewis would take a shot at and miss Butt Crack, who would retaliate with a shot that would have hit except for those glaring lights in his eyes. Even so, the four kept moving and "Speak Up Bitch!" Chardonnay found a position three stories up behind a barrel and went into Overwatch, waiting for some dumb shmuck to pop up and blast away with her Heavy Bolter.

Portapotty, The Poo Clan's Heavy, happened to move into the open in the area of stalemate to the right. Using some ruins as cover, Pam "Bham" and "Fucking Roots" Rodney shot away, Pam would pin him with her boltgun but run out of ammo. In retaliation, Butt Crack would move again into an aiming position and open up fire, hitting "Does Everything" Dinah, bringing Dinah down with a scream that caused fellow gangers Petey and "Zero Budget" Lewis to break and run for cover. Ironically, only the Juve, Honey Whitlock, would keep from losing her cool.

Standing alone, her companions downed or broken, facing The Poo Clan leader and other fighters behind him moving into positions Honey Whitlock gave up any resolve to stand and fight back and intelligently decided to run away. She would head backwards and around to seek safety from the remaining fighting comrades across the field. Dinah, perhaps discouraged at the lack of hope displayed by the others, would give up struggling and pass out from bleeding.

With the second group running voluntarily and involuntarily, the focus went back to the ruins and abandoned tank section of the field. Rodney would pin Portapotty with his lasgun. And he would pin him again the next turn, but failing to wound each time. As Butt Crack decided to see if he could hit Chardonnary, the Cawdor Heavy, Chardonnary decided to shoot him in Overwatch simultaneously, but the intense Hollywood shooting ended up to nothing happening at all, both shots going wide from their target. Soon, the Poo Clan lost interest in pursuing any chase to the fleeing Sprockets and challenging the Cawdor Heavy further and moved to reinforce and break the stalemate at the ruins. Cecil B. Demented, Raven, and "Little Genius" Fidget would stay in Overwatch several turns during the stalemate. Raven saw a possible better position and moved to go up a level and behind a barricade. Honey Whitlock, rejoining the group, would would take up a position underneath her and go into a well deserved rest in Overwatch.

Rodney would pin again, but not wound Portapotty for the third and fourth time. Lewis would recover his nerve, then Petey. The Poo Clan would settle in and get too comfortable in solid cover positions (except for Portapotty who would be hit twice in the same turn by Rodney and Pam but withstood, twice in one turn, any injury).

As the Van Saar leader, Butt Crack, moved closer into the stalemate area, Chardonnay would open fire on him and miss again with her Heavy Bolter, reminding him of her presence from three stories above. Raven decided to move back to the ground level, not seeing any good shots after all, and take complete cover behind a bulkhead. Not unnerved, Butt Crack would attack the other leader Cecil B. Demented, pinning him with lasgun fire. In revenge for the shooting of the Sprocket Holes beloved leader, Pam "Bam!" would pin Butt Crack with boltgun shells.

Fearing a repeat of Butt Crack's deadly shots again and bloodthirsty to do damage, any damage back, the Sprocket Holes, without any tactical grace, decided to take a gamble and rush towards the abandoned tank, leaving Rodney and Pam "Bam!" and "Little Genius" Fidget in their positions. Recklessly without cover, Raven, a Juve, would shoot the leader Buttcrack in long range and hit him, running out of ammo, but taking him down too. Raven, "Satan Says You Need More Color!", delivered the first blow by the Sprocket Holes. Petey and Lewis moved ever closer to join back their friends in the ruins.

Turd and Mr. Brown finally moved out from behind the tank to take on the Cawdor gang moving to swarm them, Honey Whitlock, a Juve, opened up and pinned Turd. In the ensuing return shooting and attacking from the Poo Clan, Mrs. Brown would take Petey out of action with her boltgun. Lewis would stay cool this time around though. Buffalo Chips would burst ammo on Raven, only pinning her. Several other shots rang back and forth, but no other shots landed a home.

The Sprocket Holes were admittedly surprised at not being slaughtered worse and then realized the window of opportunity to turn around the battle completely. Cecil B. Demented, recovering from pinning the turn before, would scream at Raven to get back up, shouting a battle cry of the Sprocket Holes, "For Celluloid!" In a particularly pivotal effect, Cecil was able to get Raven to recover from being pinned and pick herself off the ground. "More Color!" Raven, Hand Flamer in hand, empty of ammo for her autopistol, blasted fiery fire on Turd and Mr. Brown, downing both of them in one lethal swoop.

"Fucking Roots!" Rodney would pin Buffalo Chips in vengeance for his would-be lover, Petey, yet failing, despite amazing ability to hit targets, to wound the target once again. "Little Genius" Fidget, proving the undeniable theme of never underestimating the juves, emptied his autopistol in a similar long shot to Raven's, downing Buffalo Chips as his gun soon after started going "click" and empty.

With four out of ten in the Poo Clan being down, Buffalo Chips, Butt Crack, Mr. Brown, and Turd all downed, they thought that the shit had hit the fan, so to speak, and split. Buffalo Chips was such a wreck from the bullets that they left on the battlefield in their hurry, thinking he was dead. He would appear many days later, not looking too much better, but alive, enduring fungi infections and big things with teeth alone in the Underhive, he would yet survive.

The Wet Sprockets had not honestly planned the tide to turn when they decided to rush, they had just wanted to take at least one bite out of their enemy before going down. Fortune favored the brave and an entire tide of battle reversed completely in one turn. Sometimes being bold pays off. Sometimes you pay for being bold. The Wet Sprockets also had the added advantage of the Treacherous Conditions and made sure to always have the lights going into the eyes of The Poo Clan instead of charging to curve around behind and forsaking that advantage. The Slippery Surfaces and heavy terrain on the board made it difficult to find aim and encouraged stalemates. The only way that I was able to break it was to do it myself. Honestly though, if The Poo Clan had not bottled out the first bottle roll, I would soon be taking bottle rolls. I also had bizarre luck with my Juves consistently showing up my Gangers.

If my Juves had missed, if I had the bright lights in my eyes, this battle would have likely ended much different. This is a battle that I cannot claim as a solid victory. It was a shaky victory. I had recklessly moved out of cover and started attacking with the thought that I was soon going to be losing anyways. And I ended up winning instead. I had made the mistake of dividing my two groups too far apart. I also had let myself freeze in a stalemate for too many turns. My Heavy, ironically, actually did very well, except that she always missed her shots. In hindsight, I did the same mistake that I did in the previous battle report, splitting up my force into two ineffectively. In both cases, there were large distances between the two groups. In both cases, something would go horribly wrong with one of the groups. Also, the group where something goes insanely wrong also happens to be the one gang that is bunched up together -- a fact from pure laziness on my part to spread them out a little farther from each other to avoid a domino effect like what happened in this scenario again. I also forgot to remember that I had a Workshop territory. If I had remembered this, Pam "Bam!" could have continued shooting with her boltgun.

Something "little" like not spreading an extra inch between fighters within a group, remembering the special effects of a territory, taking full advantage of a treacherous condition and first move are all little things that tip a battle a little this way or a little that way. And let's just admit it, there's chance. This can be both infuriating and a godsave, but it is always beyond your control. You can sometimes win simply being lucky or lose simply because you are unlucky, but in a campaign, over a series of many battles, true skill will always shine through.

For the record, I am going to try to uncharacteristically commit myself to keeping this gang and staying through with this. So, we'll see what kind of skill I actually possess when I have to walk the walk.

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