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+ Autopistol
+ Bolt Pistol
+ Laspistol
+ Stub Gun Without Dum Dum Bullets
+ Stub Gun With Dum Dum Bullets
+ Hand Flamer


+ Autoguns
+ Boltguns
+ Lasguns
+ (The Zen Art of) Shotguns

Autopistol -

The Autopistol, unlike its basic weapon brother, is not the plain jane of pistols. It has an okay ammo roll, no penalties for long range, to-hit bonus in short range, and a decent price of 15 credits.

This doesn't sound like much until you compare it to other pistols. The Laspistol has a long range penalty. The Boltpistol is expensive and, if playing by the current House Weapon Lists, usually available only to Leaders at the beginning. Stub Guns, well, Stub Guns are like their ammo type: "Dum" -- generally.

Unless you have a high ammo roll pistol, you don't need a backup for pistols A low ammo roll is not as important for pistols as it is for basic weapons. If you are at the point where you are firing off your pistol, hand-to-hand combat is more likely to be the near future. And an Ammo Roll 4+ is decent enough to confidently shoot multiple shots even if a short range stand off occurs.

The Autopistol is a great weapon for any gang member. An Autopistol is excellent for Juves. It isn't a cred-heavy investment, and it's to-hit short range bonus means that Juves can actually hit and hurt things. You don't want to give Juves the absolute worst weapons. If they aren't earning experience, they won't be advancing very quickly. If they aren't advancing very quickly, they are dead-weight to your battles. Sure, cannon fodder is nice to have, but a skilled veteran is much better to have.

Bolt Pistol -

The Bolt Pistol is the mean little brother of the Boltgun. If you are playing by the House Weapon Lists, generally only your Leader will have access to the Bolt Pistol at the beginning. Don't forget that, if playing by the House Weapon Lists, you can buy Bolt Pistols for other gang members as the campaign moves forward.

The Boltgun's S4 umph comes at the cost a 6+ Ammo Roll and an extra 15 credits higher than an Autogun. But the Bolt Pistol's S4 umph, in comparison, costs only 5 more credits than the Autopistol.

Like the Boltgun, the Bolt Pistol should be used aggressively in assaults. As it also has the +2 to-hit bonus in short range, don't worry too much about wasting shots in short range, just go ahead and fire away to your delight.

(Don't forget either that in hand-to-hand combat, you can still use it to deliver S4 hits.)

Laspistol -

The Laspistol is the anorexic little brother of the Lasgun.

Unlike the Lasgun, it suffers a long-range penalty. Also, unlike the Lasgun , it doesn't have the -1 ammo piercing ability either (though this is less important).

The only thing that the Laspistol has in common with the Lasgun is a S3 hit and a +2 Ammo Roll.

In comparison to the Autopistol and Boltpistol, the Laspistol cannot compete equally in the 8"-16" range because of its -1 to hit penalty.

While the low ammo roll of the Lasgun makes it an excellent suppressive and oppressive weapon, the Laspistol cannot perform the same function as its bigger brother for two reasons. One, as mentioned before, if you are within pistol range, this means that hand-to-hand combat, if one or both parties are willing, can be imminent. Two, suppressive fire can sustain itself if it can hold off hand-to-hand combat. But the Laspistol's -1 to hit penalty beyond 8" makes cripples its ability to hold off an enemy's approach before it gets too close for comfort.

So, why purchase a Laspistol?

For the same price, you can buy an Autopistol that despite having a higher ammo roll is much more suited for suppressive and oppressive fire (no long range penalty!). Giving a Juve a laspistol will worsen their already poor accuracy in long-range, making them worse shots then they need to do. Even giving it a model with an average BS score of 3 will make them competitively shoot at long range like a Juve instead of as a Ganger or a Heavy.

But a model with a BS 4 or higher can offset the Laspistol's long range to-hit penalty and effectively use the Laspistol as a smaller version of a Lasgun. Yet again, most short range shoot offs aren't going to last long enough to warrant an Ammo Roll 2+.

Occasionally, I might give a Laspistol to a Heavy equipped with a move or fire weapon. The reason is because I absolutely want my Heavy to have a reliable weapon if he has to be on the move and can't use his bulky weapon or if his bulky weapon jams.

Of all the models to have weapons jammed, a Heavy, absolutely should have something reliable as a backup. I don't like having my Heavy being on the run and not able to shoot back. I want to absolutely reduce the chances of this happening. I absolutely don't want my Heavy to be defenseless. If my Heavy can't shoot boot back, he essentially becomes really expensive cannon fodder with a glowing, radioactive bull's eye on his back.

Plasma Pistol -

If playing by the House Weapon Lists, Plasma Pistols typically aren't available at the beginning, and if they are available on the list, only the Leaders will be able to purchase them.

The Plasma Pistol has a short range of 6" and a long range of 18". While the Plasma Pistol is at a disadvantage against other pistols 8" short range by two inches, it is at an advantage against other pistols with its long range being two inches longer at 18". However, its long range has a -1 to hit penalty, and for its short range bonus, you have to get within a much more intimate 6" instead of 8" too.

At 18", the Plasma Pistol can actually compete with a Shotgun in long range if its equipped with an ammo type that has a -1 to hit long range penalty.

On its Minimum setting, the Plasma Pistol hits as hard as a bolt weapon. On its Maximum setting, it can hit substantially harder with a S6. This makes the Plasma Pistol the highest S shooting weapon for Juves and Gangers (unless they are Specialists)!

Better too, it can shoot S4 shots with an Ammo Roll of 4+ instead of 6+ like a Bolt Pistol or a Boltgun.

You are more free to shoot off S4 shots with it than a Bolt Pistol. But keep in mind that it is more inaccurate than a Bolt Pistol or an Autopistol. Like the Laspistol, it does have that -1 to hit long range penalty.

The best usage, consequently, is in the hands of someone with a BS4 or higher. You could give it to a model with lower BS with the explicit intent of shooting within 6" on Maximum setting. This is a gamble, but if you can pull it off, unless the enemy is in heavy cover, you can expect there to be one less enemy on the field.

The Maximum setting requires it to recharge so it shouldn't be used indiscriminately. You generally are better off shooting two long range S4 shots in two turns, then shooting a S6 long range shot, miss, and not be able to shoot again. Of course, if you have a backup, just shoot the other weapon.

It is better to shoot it on Maximum setting within 6" to have the near guarantee that the model will get S6 hit -- which itself is a near guarantee that the model is going down or out of action. It is absolutely tactically worth the wait to get into short range first before firing the Maximum setting.

But if you have a model with BS 4 or higher, a Maximum set long-range shot is tactically justified.

Stub Gun Without Dum Dum Bullets -

Stub Guns. Yes, Stub Guns. Stub Guns are commonly and erroneously equipped to Juves by new players. Doing this dooms the Juve to stay a Juve. If you can't hit anything, you can't get much experience. This also dooms the Juve to be absolutely useless to actually wound the enemy instead of just being wounded by the enemy.

The Stub Gun is the cheapest pistol at 10 credits and also the worst pistol. It doesn't have a to-hit short range bonus. And it has a to-hit long range penalty. The Stub Gun cannot out-compete any other pistol in any shooting match. Sacrificing short range bonus and taking on a long-range penalty isn't worth saving 5 credits. Gameplay wise, you are wasting 10 credits, not saving 5 credits.

Only a model with a BS of 5 can genuinely neuter the inaccuracy suckiness that is the Stub Gun in both short and long range.

Why in the Emperor's name would anyone besides naive citizens purchase a Stub Gun?

Because as a Necromunda gamer, KRUG666, quipped: "they look friggin KOOL".

Stub Gun With Dum Dum Bullets -

For 5 more credits, you can equip a Stub Gun with Dum Dum bullets. This ups the hit to S4, but if the ammo roll is failed, the Stub Gun automatically explodes. So, effectively, you have a S4 highly inaccurate weapon prone to causing its owner to commit involuntarily suicide.

And you could have spent 15 credits and purchased an Autopistol instead, a S3, also Ammo Roll 4+, but very accurate weapon that is not involuntarily suicide. The Autopistol might have a S3 hit, but a S4 hit doesn't mean much if you can't actually HIT anything with it.

If you absolutely want a S4 pistol and happen to be playing by the House Weapon Lists, buying a Stub Gun with Dum Dum bullets is easier than buying a Bolt Pistol: you won't have to risk sacrificing finding something interesting at the Trading Post. Still... the Autopistol... S3... highly accurate... not suicidally explosive..

With Dum Dum bullets, there is a tactical reason to have a Stub Gun, but it is pretty slim and limited.

As a pistol weapon, the Stub Gun can be used in hand-to-hand combat. And with Dum Dum bullets, you can deliver S4 hits with it.

Close combat equipped models might sometimes carry a Stub Gun with Dum Dum bullets along with another weapon like an Autopistol.

You could also just purchase a club or a flail, both cheaper than a Stub Gun with Dum Dum bullets, yet they too deliver S4 hits in hand-to-hand combat. A flail can't be parried too. Of course, you can't shoot with a club or a flail, but a Stub Gun can barely shoot itself. Yet... sometimes, you might feel that you still yet prefer something that can at least barely shoot.

Only a model with a BS 5 can effectively neuter the long and short range suckiness of the Stub Gun and compete with average BS pistol shooters, but no one starts out with a BS 5...

Hand Flamer -

Ah, the Hand Flamer. It is close to my heart and it broke my heart to see it so persecuted in the House Weapon Lists. Only Cawdor can purchase them at the beginning.

The Hand Flamer is a pistol weapon that gives you a one-shot use a la the Flamer, something that only Heavies, Leaders, and Specialists can be equipped with. Since it is a template weapon, the Hand Flamer can't really be called as a pistol persay because it has neither short or long range ability. While it is only a one-shot use, the template effect of the Hand Flamer guarantees that if anyone is covered by the template, they are hit. And that is beautiful.

Unlike other pistols, the Hand Flamer cannot be used in hand-to-hand combat. But, again, the Hand Flamer isn't really a pistol. The Hand Flamer is a close range one-use shock weapon. You will need an actual pistol or basic weapon to shoot at things.

Hand Flamers ignores all those pesky penalty modifiers that can come into play like Overwatch penalties or cover penalties. It can hit multiple opponents the same time. Even if the models somehow escape its S4 fury, they are going to be pinned. Hand Flamers, once in range, are supreme weapons of "crowd control" and can completely rip apart or shatter an entire enemy flank. And they are great as experience point catalysts too!

The problem, of course, is getting in range. And not being wounded and pinned by enemy fire. The model will need another weapon and any help to snuff or distract enemy fire from stopping the model's onward movement. While making mad fearless dashes at the enemy is bold, realize that this substantially decreases the potential of the Hand Flamer actually being used. If you are downed, out of action, or pinned, you just can't shoot off the Hand Flamer.

This problem of getting close can be deadly and cruelly circumvented if you possess Vents or Tunnels or if you have a model with Infiltration. As all of these effects are employed at the beginning of the battle, you will be instantly putting the enemy at an early disadvantage. If your opponent has foreknowledge of this tactic, this can decisively alter how they do their entire gang set up. But even this, if you are smart, you can exploit to your advantage in the similar way that a Heavy can control parts of the table because everyone is too scared.

The Hand Flamer can also be used as a perfect weapon against charges. If you are in Overwatch, shoot the Hand Flamer, and you have absolutely no worry of being forced into hand-to-hand combat with that model. This, of course, completely wastes the damage potential of the Hand Flamer, but certain circumstances may warrant this tactic.


+ Autoguns
+ Boltguns
+ Lasguns
+ (The Zen Art of) Shotguns

Autoguns -

The autogun is the plain jane of basic weapons. It has no strong punch, but it has an okay ammo roll. It is cheap, but for five more credits, you could buy a lasgun and forget about buying a back-up weapon. Since you can risk having a fighter having no backup with an autogun, shooting at enemies in heavy cover at long range isn�t generally worth risk of running out of ammo or jamming. If you are hard scrapped for cash, need to squeeze some more creds, and need a basic gun, the autogun can help.

An additional, but limited motive to buy the autogun is if you have Techno skills that help with ammo rolls or if you acquire an Auto-repairer. At this point, you effectively have a lasgun without the extra 5 credit cost.

A wider motive to acquire an autogun is if you intend to purchase a back-up weapon for the model anyway.

Also, if you play by the house lists, a boltgun may not be optional or you don�t want to give up a chance to get rare item in a turn, but need a cheap basic gun. Also, if the model�s use isn�t intended to be solely range fire, an autogun is also a reasonable choice.

You can also select an autogun simply for the sake of having a diverse range of weaponry. Diversity tends to be rewarded in game play � even if that diversity is an ordinary, plain jane weapon such as the autogun.

Boltguns -

Boltguns are strong, but unreliable weapons.

The boltgun delivers a strong punch.

The boltgun is an expensive basic weapon at 35 credits. It should be used aggressively and offensively. But don�t waste shots at hard or harder to hit targets. If it jams, you�ve wasted the money you�ve spent.

Boltguns are not made for entrenched warfare or stalemate shoot outs. A boltgun-equipped model should be active and involved in assaults because his (or her) boltgun is prone to jamming early on in a shoot out. A back-up weapon (usually a pistol) is necessary for this inevitability.

Boltgun-equipped models should play their big role in the first phases of the battle in assaults to shock and cripple the enemy for an early advantage that will carry for the rest of the battle. If you plan on using aggressive tactic gangs, boltguns fit the glove well.

Lasguns -

The lasgun has the strong advantage of a low ammo roll.

It costs five more credits than an autogun, but the low ammo absolutely makes up for it. In a sense, those extra five credits can save you money since you don�t have to worry about needing a backup.

The lasgun�s low ammo roll makes it prime for frequent shooting, regardless if the target is in cover. The lasgun is the best weapon to cover friendly fighters while they close in to engage the enemy. It also makes it the best weapon to act as suppressive fire or hold off encroaching enemies. Keeping an enemy pinned and immobile is an effective tactic. An enemy gang who is mostly pinned is unable to effectively counterattack or take the initiative in a battle. This makes them sitting ducks. It also inevitably leads to them to be sitting dead ducks in the end.

The least important facet of lasgun is its advantage in pierceing armor with a save modifier of -1. Armor is usually rare to in the Underhive and not a major concern in battles (unless against Spryers or Enforcers).

The Zen Art of Shotguns

Of all the basic weapons, shotguns are the odd one out. Unlike the other basic weapons, their short range is not 12" nor is their long range 24�. The shotgun�s short range is a 4� hair-length and it doesn�t normally have a +1 to-hit bonus for it. With a long range of 18�, it falls six inches shorter than the ranges of the other basic weapons. Also, unlike the other basic weapons, the shotgun has multiple types of ammo to select and has an added knock-back effect that sometimes will make gangers lose balance and fall off edges.

Of all basic weapons, the shotgun takes the most tactical expertise to be useful and effective.

But it is important to realize its inherent weaknesses. The shotgun is an inaccurate weapon. Its short range is negligible and often without to-hit bonuses. Its long range, again, is normally six inches shorter than all other basic weapons. Several of its ammo types have penalties for shooting at long range too. With a short range of 4�, there is no advantage to be in close quarters with your opponents who normally will have advantages for shooting in short range. With to-hit penalties sometimes at long range, again, opponents will have an accuracy advantage over the shotgun-equipped model.

The greatest weakness in the shotgun is the great difficulty and conscious thinking required to take advantage of its strength. After all, I have written a 3304 word treatise to do so. The shotgun takes a lot of work, attention, and practice to employ effectively.

On top of that, your opponent may be smart enough to avoid squishing his models together, for example, (thus partly negating Scatter Shot) or avoid being nearing edges (negating the knock-back effect). The slim windows of opportunity for the shotgun�s special abilities can consciously be closed by a smart and alert opponent.

However, you can use the shotgun, in a sense, to force an opponent to play more cautiously and slower in movement. This means, for example, that they may not, move three guys as far as they can go, but slow and separate the movement down to avoid Scatter shots or knock-backs.

Yet the other drawback of the shotgun is also its strength, it just has so many ammo types. It can get quite expensive as you add different ammo types.

Simply put, the shotgun is a risky investment. And you might not see a substantial return on this investment. If you are thinking of trying out the shotgun, I recommend only equipping one fighter and no more than two fighters to get a feel for it. For the majority of your basic weapon equipment, I strongly would suggest equipping them with the other basic weapons instead.

Okay, for starters, for general shooting, the shotgun is not the weapon for the job. But for specific circumstances, the shotgun can shine.

Yet those circumstances are not always common circumstances. And even in those circumstances, you must still compete at a disadvantage with other weapons.

In short ranges of 0�-12�, the shotgun absolutely is at a serious disadvantage. Within the 19-24" range, the shotgun is inferior to your opponent�s basic weapons for the simple fact that it often cannot shoot beyond 18�. Also, under 12�, your opponents� basic weapons (and 8� with some pistol weapons) are more likely to hit you than you are to hit them. They get a short range to-hit bonus. You won�t.

So, it is within these two ranges that you must dance in between. This range is the �Golden Shotgun Range�: 12-18" range. It is in this range where the shotgun's ability to compete with other weapons is at its best. This isn�t much of a range. And it is not too difficult for targets to fall in and out of that range in a single turn. Also, the moment you attempt to compete with other weapons outside of the 12-18�, the playing field is tipped against you.

The shotgun cannot be used blindly and barbarically. This is starkly ironic for that is the shotgun�s exact stereotype in our world. In Necromunda, however, the shotgun is, in a sense, the samurai sword. Its different ammo choices are like the different techniques and maneuvers with a sword. A true swordsman knows one technique and maneuver should not be used in all situations. Likewise, one ammo type for the shotgun should not be used for all situations, but for specific situations.

Before we move on to the ammos and their tactics, there is one ability which is held by all of them: the shotgun�s knock-back effect. If you have enemies that are near within 1� of an edge, you should use your shotgun on them if at all possible. So, if you can, position yourself to shoot at models on floors above instead of ground targets. If you can predict the likely passage of your enemy that is a floor or more above, position your shotgun to prepare for it. (Lets say, for example, you put a Loot counter on a bridge where it is required to move near the edge), This is a basic technique of the shotgun that should be kept in mind throughout the entire game, but if your opponent is smart, he or she will generally avoid edges if they can.

Solid Slug

Let us start the stratagem of ammos with another common basic shotgun �technique�: the Solid Slug. The Solid Slug ammo is standard, free ammo that all shotguns possess. It has a -1 penalty at long range, has a S4 hit, and an ammo roll of 4+. This ammo has the trademark umph shock of a shotgun. However, this ammo competes poorly against with other basic weapons. If you do not have any other ammo besides Scatter Shot ammo and the target is in no cover, you should select the Solid Slug. Otherwise, if you have any other ammo types, you would generally be better off using something else.

Scatter Shot

The Scatter Shot ammo is also standard, free ammo for shotguns. Like its free counterpart, it has the -1 penalty at long range. While it does have a +1 for short range, this would mean the target must be within 4". At this point, generally, it is better to use a different weapon, if not simply charge.

Now, the Scatter Shot has the convenient method of ignoring all cover and that any models in base contact with the target may also be hit with Scatter Shot too. Just make sure to avoid situations that might incur Stray Shots, since you are more likely to hit friendly models.

Unlike the Solid Slug ammo, there are strong circumstances that the Scatter Shot ought to be used over other types of ammo. If you have enemies resting behind heavy cover (-2 to hit), Scatter Shot will slip through the holes and undermine their protection completely. Additionally, if your enemy is cuddling his (or maybe her) fighters together, they might get hit in a spray too. If your enemy is ever squishing models together, don�t hesitate to use the Scatter Shot. Hitting two gangers with one stone is always a good deal.

Man Stopper

Man Stopper ammo is the upgrade to the Solid Slug ammo. It has no penalties for long range (no bonus for short range, but at 4", again, that�s really a mute consideration). Its ammo roll is also at 4+ like the Solid Slug. Man Stopper ammo can actually compete with other basic weapons. It can also possibly out compete the boltgun if it is within the shotgun's golden six inches as not only does Man Stopper ammo have a S4 blow and +4 ammo roll, but also a save modifier of -2. This save modifier is not normally the reason to buy Man Stopper, but it is nice icing on one�s cake. So is shooting off S4 shots without having as many anxiety attacks as shooting off a boltgun would cause.

Like Scatter Shot, Man Stopper can be used to ignore certain protection, and in this case, any armor that your target may have. Man Stopper has the deepest armor penetration of all basic weapons. This is generally useless against most opponents, but against opponents like Spryers and Enforcers, this could be your godsave.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot ammo is a little more quirky. If a target is hit by the ammo and then not wounded, you may reroll the to-wound roll and accept the second result. The ammo has a -1 penalty for long range, a S4 hit, and a +6 ammo roll. It is inaccurate but strong like the Solid Slug but with a worse ammo roll. You are basically paying 5 credits for Solid Slug ammo that has an extra kick if the first kick doesn't do the job right.

Of all the ammo types, this one I would recommend the least to buy. I would especially recommend against equipping an average ganger with this ammo. Hot Shot will not compete competitively on the shooting field against other basic weapons in any circumstance.

However, it would be short-sighted not to consider it.

A shotgun with Hot Shot ammo, if it hits a target, it is the most likely to wound of all basic weapons.

If you are going to buy Hot Shot ammo, give it to a model with a high BS. This counteracts its inaccuracy to a point where the model can at least compete on the shooting field with average shooters. But, again, as with the case of the Solid Slug, if the target has any cover, seriously consider using different ammo for the job.

Like Krak Grenades, Hot Shot also has a narrow niche of practical usage. Used properly though, it could definitely prove its 5 credits worth.

Bolt Shell

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the Bolt Shell ammo. Bolt Shell ammo at first glance appears to say you can have a boltgun and a shotgun and eat your cake too. While the first half of the �Golden Shotgun Range� rule does not apply as strongly, as it can compete with other weapons at the 19-24� range, those six golden inches should still be sought, and you should also still avoid being under 12�. After all, the short range with Bolt Shell ammo is still 4� and the short range of other basic and pistol weapons is still superior.

The other reason that one should still adhere somewhat to those six golden inches is simple: circumstances change. If you are within those six golden inches and your opponents move behind heavy cover, you can switch over to Scatter Shot and blow them out. If you are not within 12-18� range though, you may miss out from being able to take advantage of one of the shotgun�s inherent abilities. However, with the Bolt Shell ammo, you don�t have to wait for targets to get within the 12-18� range since you can shoot at them up to �24 away.

The reason to equip your shotgun with Bolt Shell ammo may be obvious: not to be handicapped in the 19-24� range. You are paying 15 credits for this ammo in addition to the 20 credits for the shotgun. With those 35 credits, you have the exact change needed to buy a boltgun � a weapon that has the added advantage of a to-hit bonus under 12�. So, pay close attention to the line that follows this colon: do not buy Bolt Shell ammo if you plan on using the shotgun exactly as you would use a boltgun. If this is your plan, just go and buy a boltgun instead.

If you decide to purchase Bolt Shell ammo, you must keep in mind that first, it is not a boltgun, and second, that you have other ammo. Do not default to Bolt Shell ammo. If you have opponents hiding behind heavy cover, head your shotgun-equipped model over there to take care of a job meant for Scatter Shot. Don�t ignore the circumstance and shoot with the Bolt Shells. The weakness of Bolt Shell ammo is the temptation to neglect the shotgun�s full effectiveness and capability.

If you have other special ammo, you still should use them when their optimal circumstances are around. You should also still seek to create or influence those optimal circumstances to happen for those other ammo types even though you have Bolt Shell ammo.

For example, if you also have Man Stopper ammo, use it instead of Bolt Shells if the target is less than 18�. The Man Stopper, after all, has a lower ammo roll. Likewise, if there are armor equipped models, focus on taking care of them specifically with Man Stopper ammo instead of firing off Bolt Shells at armored targets.

If the only other ammos you have is Solid Slug and Scatter Shot, still seek out circumstances that are ideal for Scatter Shot. And don�t forget to consider even Solid Slug ammo. The Solid Slug ammo roll has a +4 ammo. If you are within the 12-18�, your model has a high BS, and you are confident of hitting the target, use the Solid Slug. It has a S4 hit too, but has a reduced risk of jamming.

If the 18� limit does not fit well with your style or your gang needs something more, seriously consider buying Bolt Shells.

If you are going to buy a shotgun at all, also seriously consider buying an additional ammo type for it � whether it is Man Stopper, Hot Shot, or Bolt Shell.

Executioner Rounds

To be completely exhaustive on the shotgun, I should also mention Executioner rounds that is only available to Enforcers. This ammo type is deadly and the model will actually be most effective acting as a shooter and avoiding close combat. The +1 to hit in long range is in itself a definite to-equip reason. This long range +1 to hit automatically out compete all basic weapons in the �Golden Shotgun Range� and competes more equally in the 4-12� range as well. But it still has a limit range at 18�. And still, if an enemy is in heavy cover or the enemy has squished together, Scatter Shot should be used instead. The Golden Shotgun Range applies much more lightly on the Executioner round than any other shotgun ammo, but it would still be a mistake to not recognize and apply Scatter Shot when the circumstances exist.

Last Words

It is easy to forget that you can buy new ammo. This is a beautiful ability of the shotgun in itself: the weapon can grow and adapt to your gang�s abilities, to the abilities of your opponents, and to different circumstances that come down the road. It does not have to resign to a static level of ability as the other weapons do. You are not stuck at a capacity for only S3 hits nor are you always going to be shadowed by a 6+ ammo roll.

If you possess a shotgun, you also possess the ability to exploit certain circumstances. With a shotgun, you can undermine heavy cover, body armor, high T, and models� abilities to not fall off edges. It is a mistake tactically to not exploit every advantage available to you. If your opponents do not possess a shotgun, this also gives you an extra edge that your opponent does not have available.

But keep in mind the shortcomings of the shotgun itself: it is challenging for it to compete with other basic weapons in general situations. You have to use more planning. Your opponent can also circumvent shotgun-applicable situations. If anything, this itself can cause your opponent to spread out and run a little shorter, spreading out a little more thin for you. And if those shotgun-applicable circumstance occur, you will have an added advantage over your opponent. If they do not, you will have to minimize the shortcomings of your own weapon.

The shotgun is a difficult weapon, expensive in investment, and risky in that it might end up not being worth the price. It can either prove to be a built up disappointment or to be a neat trick that you can pull out of your sleeves occasionally. It can be also a trick that, perhaps, might just prove to be the straw that breaks your opponent's game.

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This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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