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A finger-chopping scenario to honor the dead with revenge.

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Remembering the dead and vengeance in the Underhive.

This is personal. They killed one of yours. Adding salt and piss on your loss, the killer has been bragging noxiously in every drinking hole, settlement, brothel, and gambling den. The killer has disgraced and mocked the memory of your late comrade. You can't let this go unchallenged any longer. The jerkoff's mouth has been so loose that finding out where the killer has been holing up was easy, real easy. It's time to set things right. It's time to honor the memory of your late comrade. It's time for revenge!!!

The Revenge scenario represents a "Hit and Run"-esque mission with vengeance in mind. The Revenge scenario can only be attempted when a gang fighter has been killed. The player who has lost the gang fighter may decide to attempt a revenge mission instead of the normal rules for selecting a scenario. This is an exception to the normal rules for selecting a scenario.


In this scenario the player who picked the scenario is the attacker and the other player is the defender. Starting with the defender, each player takes it in turn to place a piece of terrain, either a ruined building structure or a connecting walkway. The area of ruins represents the area around the defenders� hideout. It is suggested that the terrain is set up within an area 4' x 4' or thereabouts.


The Revenge scenario aims to ambush and "scrag" the enemy gang fighter that caused the death of their late comrade. The attackers win by taking them out of action and successfully chopping off the target�s finger in the Necromundan symbolic tradition of vengeance honoring fallen comrades.


The defender sets up first. The player deploys up to D6 of his gang fighters in the immediate area around the gang�s camp. The defender must deploy the gang fighter who killed the attackers' gang fighter. The defender may put these gang fighters anywhere on the table, but at least 8" away from any table edge.

The attacker then deploys anywhere on the table, but not within 8" of an enemy gang fighter.

The attacker has a randomly determined number of gang fighters taking part in the Revenge. Roll a D6: 1-3 = 5 fighters 4-6 = 6 fighters. The remaining fighters have been left behind so as to not draw attention and to protect the gang's own territory against reprisals. The attacker may choose which fighters are committed to the Revenge.


Roll a D6. On a 1-5 the attacker takes the first turn of the game. On a 6, the defender takes the first turn of the game: it is a trap and the attackers have waltzed right into it!


At the start of each of the defender's turns after his first turn, the defender may bring further gang fighters onto the table. Roll a D6 at the start of each turn after the first: 1-2 = up to 1 fighter 3-4 = up to 2 fighters 5-6 = up to 3 fighters. The reinforcements all arrive on the same table edge. Determine which edge they arrive by rolling a D6:

2-3 Edge Closest
to Attacker
1 | | 4

5-6 Edge Closest
to Defender

Defenders arriving at the start of the turn may move and fight normally that turn.

If a "6" was rolled to determined who goes first, the attackers have been tricked into a trap. The defender may roll at the start of the first turn to bring in additional fighters. Furthermore, the roll to determine how many fighters are brought in may be modified by +1. The roll of which table edge they arrive from may also be modified by +1 or -1.


All attackers have Hatred against the target for the duration of the Scenario.


If the target fighter goes out of action, the model is put face down. The traditional ritual of vengeance must be completed before the objective is considered attain. The infamous 8th Necromunda Regiment, "the Spiders", are well-known to do, so does this Necromundan does against this enemy: chop off the target�s finger as a trophy.

The attacker must spend a whole turn in base contact with the fallen target before this is executed. Once this is done, the objective is attained and the game ends.

If the objective is attained, the target, in addition to rolling on the Serious Injuries Chart, automatically gains a Hand Injury (but automatically also loses only one finger).

The game also ends if all the attackers are down or out of action or if the attacker bottles out.

As the attackers are so hyped up for vengeance and because it is personal, the gang does not have to take Bottle tests until it has lost 50% of his fighters rather than the usual 25%.

The defender cannot bottle out in the scenario.

If the attackers bottle out in the scenario and they took the first turn, roll a D6. On a 1-5, the attackers are dishonoured by their failure and cannot hire any new recruits in the post-game sequence (and no Juves will join for free from Settlements). On a 6, the attacker gets a -1 Ld penalty for all Bottle tests in the next scenario. The gang is demoralized and disheartened.


Fighters who take part in the Revenge scenario earn Experience points as noted below.

+D6 Survives. If the fighter survives the battle then D6 points are earned. Even fighters who are wounded and taken out of action receive experience for taking part.

+5 Per Wounding Hit. A fighter earns 5 points for each wounding hit he inflicts during the battle. Make a note on the gang roster every time the fighter scores a hit and wounds his target. Although it is possible to inflict several wounds from one shot using some weapons, only 5 points are earned when this happens not 5 points per wound.

+5 Revenge. The model who completes the infamous "trophy" slicing off of finger of the target.

+5 Defiant. If the target survives without going out of action, he or she gains an additional 5 Experience points.

+10 Winning Raider. Each surviving raider earns an extra 10 Experience points if the attackers win the game.

+10 Winning Defending Gang Leader. If the defending player rolled a 6 and started first and wins the game, the defending gang leader earns an extra 10 Experience points for executing a successful trap.


If the attackers fail, they may still attempt to carry out the traditional style of revenge and honoring the dead in future scenarios against the target. If successful, the model that chops off the finger gains an additional D6 Experience Points.


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