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The Necromunda Gang Registry
Compare your gang. Get ideas. Add your gang roster to the registry.
The Necromunda Name Project
Stumped for a name? Also, add your own names into it INSTANTLY.
Lord Helmawr's Bible
The Necromunda Ring
A webring of Necromunda websites.

A finger-chopping scenario to honor the dead with revenge.

"Basic and Pistol Weapon Tactics"

"A Bad Day to Be A Leader"

"The Revenge of the Juves"

"Stinger's Crossing"
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>> 25 December 2004 - 9:33 AM <<

SiteMeter added to the site.

>> 24 December 2004 - 9:50 AM <<

Added Necromunda RPG section to the site. Changed yahoo e-mail address for webmaster contact to [email protected] instead. Adjusted layout of pages to include Necromunda RPG. Added relevent cross links between information in Necromunda RPG and Tactics, Battle Reports, & Fluff pages.

>> 20 July 2004 - 1:59 PM <<

Uploaded "Necromunda Models and Terrain" page. Also altered slightly the layout of the page with less link flavor text on the template.

>> 5 July 2004 12:09 PM <<

Uploaded page for Necromunda Resources. And now I have finally fleshed out the original skeleton I set out to fill out. The basics of this site are finally finished, but several more projects are already in the works and partially finished.

>> 5 July 2004 8:42 AM <<

Updated with a directory of gang rosters found on the web with the purpose of helping players in their own set up of gangs or simply to satisfy curiousity of what other people gangs look like.

Also, updated the Necromunda Baby Book of Names with many gangs' worth of more names and then updated the Big Book of Gangs' Names with a dozen new gang names found as well.

Also, updated the Tactics and Fluffs page with two new tactic articles, and a link to a Necromundan Lexicon for the background section as well.

>> 22 June 2004 11:13 PM <<

Updated with a battle report of a Toll Bridge scenario played from Necromunda Supplement: Battles in the Underhive between Ratskin Renegade gang, the Volatile Liquids Gang, against Escher gang, The Body Shot Gang.

>> 18 June 2004 6:06 PM & 19 June 2004 12:50 AM <<

Feth. It took me several days to get the Necromunda Names information sorted, fixed, edited, sorted again, search, find, etc. There are now a huge directory of official and unoffical names I have collected for the names of gangs and also of characters, gang members, etc of Necromunda for inspiration, curiosity, and an aid to naming in the game. The Necromunda Names Index also has two useful links. One is to Imperial Names over all and another is to another website ganglist divided by gang type. It is smaller and I have incorportaed it into the tons of other names I found in unofficial and official sources, but if you want a general idea of names of gangs by gang type, it is worth looking at.

I have done my lists alphabetically. Perhaps when one day I am sick and twisted enough and want to inflict myself even more pain, I will do gang type versions of the name lists of gangs. We'll see.

>> 15 June 2004 12:46 PM <<

Added "Articles and Fluff" that has links to Necromunda campaigns, battle reports, fiction, tactics, and background.

>> 14 June 2004 6:14 PM <<

Added "Discussion and Gaming" page that has links to gamer databases (finding other players in your area), forums, mailing lists, and newsgroups for Necromunda.

>> 13 June 2004 10:59 PM <<

Thanks to NetMechanic I reduced my total image bandwidth from 49100K to 15690k. They rock.

>> 13 June 2004 2:19 AM <<

The new template and layout has been uploaded, as well as the graphics with it.

Many links here will be invalid until I add them in the following days (This is now no longer true). I will also be reducing the image file sizes and continue to smooth out the layout.

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Websites across the globe: Deutsch, Espa�ol, Fran�ais, L'Italia, Nederlandse, Polska.

Tactics, Battle Reports, Fluff
Strategy, battle reports, fluff, campaigns, fiction, background from across the web.

Necromunda Models & Necromunda Terrain
Pics of models and terrain, modeling guides, places to buy models, terrain, and accessories.

Necromunda RPG (Roleplaying)
Information helpful to play a RPG in the Necromunda setting.

Necromunda Resources
Here you'll find players, forums, FAQ, programs, files, gang sheets, official websites, and other top Necromunda websites.



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